5 Best Email Autoresponder For Email Marketing

5 Best Email Autoresponder For Email Marketing – In this article, we have carefully studies, designed and listed for you best email autoresponder for your email marketing, as a start up marketer or professional, you will find the list here interesting.

In online marketing today, a lot of questions have been asked, more are being asked, and online marketers are always inquisitive about knowing the best email marketing tools for their online marketing.

This has prompted such questions as; “what is the best email autoresponder or email marketing tool to use? This question and its answer are necessary to the fundamental strategy one is going to map out for one’s online business niche.

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Nonetheless, irrespective of your chosen marketing category, but as long as it is online based, strategizing the right plan and method becomes a key towards the success every marketer hopes to attain. Critically analyzing the right Email marketing tools or best email Autoresponder for your online business and marketing is one way to getting started in making progress.

These autoresponders or email marketing tools are important parts of your business, they help you follow up your audience and customers; Thus, their importance can never be overemphasized.

Before we progress to knowing the top 5 best email autoresponder and email marketing tools, it is important to know in essence what autoresponders are; we have to answer such question as, what is autoresponders?

Autoresponders are computer based email programs and marketing tools which perform emailing functions based on the users schedule and set up. They can be very and simple or quite complex.

You can use them to keep up with your customers, build up on their loyalty and keep them coming back to your site or platform.

Right below, in this article, I am going to show you the best email marketing autoresponders or tools you will ever need in your marketing.

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5 Best Email Autoresponder For Email Marketing

Here are important autoresponders and email marketing tools you have to know as an online business owner;

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the popular autoresponders or email marketing tools, with wide range of features. They are good for small business owners who gear up towards list sizes of mid tens of thousands or even fewer.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp.com is one autoresponder that has got you covered especially as a starter or a beginning marketer. Unless you want to start paying for autoresponder services immediately, if not, get an account with MailChimp and start creating a list of up to 500 subscribers for free under Mailchimp free plan; Yeah! That’s so much for a starter.

3. Aweber

Think Aweber.com if you do collect your leads only through internet(online) and your list is running from hundred to thousand and tons of thousands. You must understand that Aweber does not allow you add or import leads from offline sources, and if you use online opt-in forms, then consider Aweber.

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4. InfusionSoft

Last but not the list is the mighty InfusionSoft which is used by big and top marketers with six figure online status, because it is capable of hosuing your email list larger than 50,000 subscribers. They are usually used by companies who are already successful, rather than startups. The monthly subscription is also big, and comes with awesome features you will definitely appreciate. If you already have a six figure online business, with larger amount of list, then this tool may just be for you.

5. iContact

The next best Email autoresponder or email marketing Tools is the iContact, a good choice for small to medium sized marketers who do want to import offline lists. What this means is that, with iContact, you can add people to your list by importing the list manually.

NOTE: The listing is never on the bases of importance or credibility of the above email marketing tools. Rather they are all good autoresponder for your online business.

The choice to what you can choose is dependent on what you want to achieve. More so, this list for the best email marketing autoresponders is not limited to the ones in this article.

Using the comment box below, share with us other best email autoresponder you know or you have used. Do share this article to others to enlighten them.