Best Payroll Software for Small Business – Free Payroll App for Small Business

In this article, we are going to look into the best payroll software for small business. We are going to explain to you what they are and how they are used. So we are going to start off by answering the question What is the best software for small business payroll or what is the best free payroll software suitable for small businesses?

To have a better picture of this topic Payroll software for business, these are software tools that helps you automate payment for your workers so you do not miss paying any one of them. Yes, there is every tendency that you might miss out on a particular payment of a worker. And most times having to schedule payment manually for workers can be stressful especially if you have a range of 100-1000 workers. However, there is certain software that makes automatic payment to designated workers. This is only used by large businesses to pay workers with an automated system of payment. Learn more about the best software for small businesses.

Payroll software is one need-to-have and payment plan tool for business owners since it helps business owners to process their employees payments a lot more conveniently. It lifts the burden of having to remember the payment time, and the list of workers to be paid at the due payment time. Even if you do not want to go for the paid Payroll software, there are free payroll software for small business, and you can use them to your advantage.

They help you make the calculation and process all the payment for your list of workers or employees. They are go-to solution for small business organizations, companies and business owners who wouldn’t want to skip paying any of their employees at the right time.

Payroll software fits in so many areas of businesses and business department including human resource management software, ERP software as well as accounting and budgeting software. Also, some of the feature, capability and usefulness of payroll software for business especially for small businesses includes generating tax forms, direct deposit check processing, managing retirement plans, and more.

Best Payroll Software for Small Business

Making use of Payroll software for small businesses is an essential aspect of business payment system and plan. They help carter for payroll of workers and employees in a business entity. You as the employer does not have to always memorize time of payment, and who you have paid or have not paid; the Payroll software takes care of that. The importance of the payroll software is also seen in the area tax filing, maintenance of payroll history of every employee, estimation of employee pay, and so many others.

Having said that, there are wide range of suitable payroll software for small business users can chose from; And right down the list below, we have provided some of the top-notch and best software for small business payroll, so check them out;

Best Payroll App


According to reports, Gusto is considered the top best Payroll for small businesses which provides a modern and online human resource solution to help control and manage human resource tasks. Using Gusto has a system for the payroll software for employees offers you powerful tools. That includes HR tools and HR services that have the capability to manage and control employee onboarding.

ADP Payroll

Initially, ADP Payroll is built for larger businesses, but also suitable for small businesses which provide benefit administrations, tool to get insight on the growth of your business, and more. One of the benefits of ADP is providing solutions to businesses with personnel issues that involve outsourced HR. Also, it comes with unlimited payroll runs and also features or tools for management.

Paychex Flex

The Paychex Flex Software, another dedicated online payroll software designed with a human capital management solution to help meet the need of a company in terms of HR solutions. Paychex Flex integrated with web-based modular technology for more enhancement in the management of HR, and other departments as well.


If you’re looking for the best value online payroll for small businesses, OnPay stands as the recommended payroll software. That comes with features such as HR supports, benefits administration, payroll tracking, and auditing, and more. However, other payroll software for which you can also opt-in for like APS, Hubstaff, Paycor, Patriot Payroll, and more.

QuickBooks Payroll

This is best for Businesses that need their payroll system to integrate with their QuickBooks accounting software.


Paycor is best for Businesses that need to upgrade from a manual HR system to an all-in-one software that supports a hiring increase


Best for Mom-and-pop businesses that want a do-it-yourself payroll service

Square Payroll

Small retailers and restaurants that are already using or interested in using Square POS.

Conclusion On Payroll System for Small Business

If you are looking for the best you can use for your business payment, select from any of this and you are covered when it comes to payment payroll for your business. They are all easy to use, and there is no hassle.