Easy Way to Download Music from YouTube Video – Full Guide

Easy Way to Download Music from YouTube Video – Full Guide

You may not need a YouTube downloader to download music from YouTube video, also you may likely not use an app to do so. This page will show you how to download music for free from YouTube. The number one site among the Top 10 Music Download Site in the World.

Am sure you may have searched for how to download music video on YouTube online, well yes, here is your answer. But then take note this day that YouTube does not permit direct download from the website. In fact is what of the things you need to do.

Most often, people rely on mobile phone app like Yamate etc. To download latest mp3 music online. However, YouTube is the best place to download latest music for free.

Furthermore, In addition to the information we are passing out, we want to bring to your notice that, YouTube is one of the Top 10 Free Music offering websites, why do we say so? Now, you are permitted to watch any music for free on YouTube, even the latest music. No one charges you for any download and no one asks you to compulsorily subscribe before you can download YouTube music mp3.

Why Download YouTube Music?

  • YouTube music is free
  • It is the only place to play or watch newly released music.
  • Track your favorite musician.
  • Allows you share your music to anyone.
  • Very fast and uses less data to surf the net.

These and so many other reasons are why people prefer to download music from Facebook.

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What You Need to Do Music Download from YouTube

To be able to download free mp3 music from YouTube, there are things you need to do, have or observe, let’s consider them below:

  • You will need to have a space where the music will be saved.
  • You have a smartphone that can browse very well.
  • To gain access to YouTube for the download, you must make sure you have an internet data.
  • You will need a music download website.

Easy Way to Download Music from YouTube Video

This section contains procedures to download for free, music from YouTube:

Procedure One

  • Open your browser and log on to youtube.com
  • Explore the website and see if there are any interesting music at the homepage, if not, proceed to search for the music of your choice using the search icon.
  • There are series of websites, suggested for you to download from, now choose the site that is most appealing to you.
  • Tap on play to open to a bigger place.
  • From the menu option which are below to play screen, tap on “share”
  • Tap also on copy link.

Procedure Two

You have copied the link of that music video, so we will look for a trusted website that can help us download that music. Moreover, there are so many websites online that can help one Download Music from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. So, let use Ymate for an example

  • Open your browser and log on to yamate.com
  • Paste the link at the box provided
  • Tap on fetch music
  • Wait for the website to identify the music.
  • Now the music is out, tap on download to start download right away.

This is easy and am sure you can do it, so go try this out and if you experience any difficulty, return to us for an aid.

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