How to Download Likee Videos for Free | Likee Video Free Download

How to Download Likee Videos for Free | Likee Video Free Download

Just yesterday, we showed you how to download likee app for free and today we want to show you how to download like videos for free. So if you are just joining us today, then you will be learning how to download videos on likee, plus how to share like videos for free.

Likee is the Latest video creation app, it has all it requires to create and design any video. Most people uses like video app to create official videos for their concept, comedy show etc.

Surprisingly, most videos that you see on likee apk do not appear as it is, a lot of creativity was put in place and a lot of skills was utilized, more so, app makes it easy for you to design your videos just the way you want it.

Use the brand new micro surgical plus as a makeup tool, a cutting edge music magic filter, tons of thousands of sticker and emoticons, superpower, smart icon for hair coloring etc.

Your video is ready, you can upload to your likee account for free. However, if you are not interested in making a video, you can as well download from likee. Yes, sure, do no permit user to download video from the app, but trust me, there is way to download likee videos for free.

How to Download Likee Videos for Free

I tried this little trick and it worked and so, that is why I want to show you how to do that. Meanwhile, you may not need likee video app downloader for this process, but if you have then you can also use it. This reminds me of our Facebook music download tutorial, which we had to use an external app to grab our video.

Alright below are the steps to use to download latest videos from likee, formally like video creation app:

Step One

Open your likee app and sign in’ if it asks you to do so, but on a normal basis, once you sign in to your likee account using the app, you won’t need to sign in again using your password and username. Just a tap on the app opens your dashboard.

Step two

Search for the video you will like to download. To make it easier, simply locate the person that shared the video and see the person’s video library. Choose your choice of video afterwards.

Step Three.

The video is now playing, but then, you will see the share icon, represented by an arrow pointing rightward. See sample image below.

Step Four

Tap on the share icon, in the number next, simply tap on copy link to grab the link.

Step Five

Go to google playstore or click here to download like video downloader, launch and install afterwards.

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Step Six

Open the like video downloader app and paste the link which you have copied. Wait to receive the link and afterwards tap on download.

You don’t have to download the like video downloader app every time you want to download. Just with this one, you can download any video any time on like.

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