How to Clear Browser History on iPhone

How to Clear Browser History on iPhone

Browser history keeps tracks of sites that we have visited before. At same time, it helps to keep records of passwords and usernames entered initially during researches. Which of the Browsers are using on your iPhone? Is it the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? We will highlight the best fastest way to initiate trashing of Browser History on iPhone.

If you are making use of a Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Puffin Browser but have no idea on how to clear their History on iPhone, chill because this is the best guide so far on how to clear Browser history on iPhone. However, there things that we need to know. Every time we login a website or try to surf the internet with a browser, each of the activities undergone are partially saved to the Browser History.

Although, that’s why its called History. It makes referential consultations more easier. If you discovered that some website easily open while some websites turned to purple color when it was listed on Google Homepage during some researches, it tends to prove that, this website has been logged onto before.

But in some cases, we don’t like people to access our privacy. Some researches are things that we wished a third party not to access or penetrate. So, in order to halt the chances of going through your History and learning websites that your currently or previously visited, its a better option to clear the History. But can you clear it without a clear information on how to do so? To that effect, see how to clear browser history on iPhone.

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How to Clear Browser History on iPhone

Different browsers exist on the internet in which Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini Browser. On this page, we will show you more of how to clear browser history on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with iPhone. Its very simple to do. You don’t even need an internet connection to complete it on your iPhone, desktop/Pc, or Android.

The basic idea is being able to locate the Browser History. That’s all. Without much ado, lets go through the process of keeping your privacy private

How to Clear Browser History on Google Chrome – on iPhone

With your iPhone, these are the steps to take when an ambition to clear chrome browser history comes to mind

  1. Open a chrome browser form your iOS device
  2. Go to the Options that is illustrated with 3 dots at the top right of the homepage (a default page)
  3. When the menu drop down, Tap on History
  4. Locate the “Clear Browsing Data”
  5. Confirm the prompt
  6. Go to the top of the new page and tap Done
  7. The History will delete immediately, at the spot

How to Delete All Search History on Mozilla Firefox – with iPhone

iOS users with a Mozilla Firefox Browser should consider this routine when a History is intending to be deleted..

  • Go to your Mozilla Firefox App and Tap on it
  • Permit it to launch
  • No need to consult an internet connection
  • Go to the Browser Menu
  • Navigate to Settings and Tap
  • Go to the Privacy Main Option to locate “Clear Private Data” as a sub-menu.
  • Series of History Data will appear
  • Tap on Done to finalize the whole process.

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Steps to Remove Browser History on Pc

Whether you are using Internet Explorer, Puffin Browser, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc, there is this one right way to locate a Browser History once you’ve finally launched the Browser.

  1. Open a Browser that you wish to clear its History
  2. At the Default Homepage, click Ctrl + H
  3. The whole History will appear
  4. Go to the “Clear Browser History” and click
  5. It can be found at the right or left of the page depending on the Browser

So, you’ve seen that enhancing your Browsing security seems so simple after learning the protocols for clearing the Browser data. Repeat this same method whenever you wish to delete history on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome using an iPhone or iPad.



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