How to Connect WhatsApp to PC from Android Phone to Use WhatsApp Web

In this article we have explained how to connect WhatsApp to PC from Android phone to use WhatsApp web, and so the question will try to answer first is, what is WhatsApp web? WhatsApp web is a feature from WhatsApp application which enables users of the app to access their WhatsApp on the web instead of their phone device. Normally, WhatsApp is a mobile phone app for users to chat friends and family.

But with the WhatsApp web, users will be able to make use of their WhatsApp on computer device using their browser by visiting the WhatsApp web URL designed for this feature. This has a way of making it a lot more convenient for people who use their computer system more often to be able to access their WhatsApp on computer system while working without having to visit their WhatsApp mobile app in their phone.


WhatsApp Web On PC And Desktop for Android Phone

Before we show you how to use WhatsApp web with your mobile phone, it will be necessary to highlight some of the benefits which WhatsApp aims to offer to its users which prompted them to make this feature available to millions of its users. And one thing you have to know is that any feature has who it benefits at a moment even though it may not benefit the next person at that same moment in time.

Considering these benefits, WhatsApp decided to deploy these feature to help make WhatsApp more engaging and useful to its users. So let us look into some of the benefits of WhatsApp web feature.

Benefits of the WhatsApp web Features to WhatsApp Users

With the WhatsApp web feature coming to WhatsApp application, it has brought the following benefits to its users;

  • WhatsApp web allows you download files of larger sizes and save them to your computer system, and which ordinarily you wouldn’t be able to have occupy your little phone memory.
  • Typing WhatsApp messages on computer will give you this awesome feel that comes with typing on a bigger keyboard and screen which makes typing fast and easy.
  • The feature of WhatsApp works perfectly well on major computer browsers, so it does not matter your favorite browser, you will have this feature work for you on your browser.
  • The awesome user interface is so simple and friendly and so it is easy to use WhatsApp web.
  • WhatsApp web is completely free, and there no such thing like Ads that tends to distract. No advertisement!
  • With the WhatsApp web feature, you can send messages and media files just as you can do using your WhatsApp for mobile phone.
  • Do you have any file on your computer, save yourself the stress of how to get this to your WhatsApp so you can send to a friend; simply launch WhatsApp, find the file and send via WhatsApp.
  • There is no location restriction, and so you can use WhatsApp web from anywhere you are.
  • No external or additional app or extension required for you to use WhatsApp web on your computer or laptop.
  • WhatsApp web is secure and you can login and log out just any time you want to do so.
  • Enjoy the amazing experience of having to view your photo files and attachments on bigger screen.

There are other benefits that come with the WhatsApp web feature and some of them you will discover when you begin to use WhatsApp web.

How to Connect WhatsApp to PC from Android Phone to Use WhatsApp Web

To use WhatsApp web on your computer or laptop is very easy, and here are the steps to connecting your WhatsApp to your computer web browser;

  1. Launch your browser
  2. Open WhatsApp on your Smartphone
  3. Type in the URL
  4. Scan the QR code to login

WhatsApp Web App  Download for Android

There is a WhatsApp web app which is an application that lets users of old version of WhatsApp be able to use WhatsApp web. While it is different from the WhatsApp web itself, it has its own unique features. WhatsApp web app allow its users to view and download WhatsApp status of their contacts.  Meanwhile, WhatsApp web is not an app but just a feature on WhatsApp that lets users use WhatsApp on their computer system, whereas, WhatsApp web app is a mobile app that lets users use WhatsApp web and be able to download status and do some other things as its features permits.

WhatsApp web app can be downloaded from Google play store.

How to Download WhatsApp Web App for Android

To download WhatsApp web app, simply make use of the Google play store;

1. Go to Google play store.

2. Using the search bar, find “WhatsApp app web”.

3. Tap on the app and download it to your Android phone.

This is so easy and simple to do! So, you have seen how to use WhatsApp web and how to connect WhatsApp to PC or desktop from Android phone to use WhatsApp web, and how you can also download the WhatsApp web application from play store.