How to Contact Sterling Bank

How to Contact Sterling Bank 

These five steps will help you to contact Sterling bank customer service from any destination in your country and beyond. Our customer service are ever ready and set to handle all rumours and then, your problem in particular.

Sterling bank will send you a text that will create changes in the inquiries you have been making for days now. Asking your co-customers more details about your Sterling bank products and services will not help matters. You need to hear it from our mouth because we are responsible for everything you hear from us unlike ones you heard from people outside.

We know that at this point, you want to know how to contact Sterling bank customer service. You will do that right away. In fact, you can even save our Whatsapp number so that you can chat with KiKi. This contact will create opportunity for you to chat with Kiki so that KiKi will help you to perform most if not all your banking transactions faster, without consulting the four walls of the bank. It might interest you to know other advantages of Sterling bank customer service.

Advantages of Sterling Bank Contact

This contact will help you to connect to the customer service department. These representatives are 24/7 available to help you run your Sterling account perfectly without hassle. On the other hand, they guarantees perfect use of Sterling products such as their Visa, Mastercard, and some other versions of their credit or debit cards.

  • Other functions includes; answering all your questions and helping you to block your card when lost or stolen.
  • When you are so skeptical about a particular performed transaction or a transaction that you still intend to do, the customer service representatives will handle the activities for you.
  • Rate of fraudulence speedily reduced due to how customer service are of help.
  • Contact them through email or call so that they can hear you and equally provide satisfactory solution to your banking difficulties.

Sterling Bank Whatsapp Number

The Whatsapp number is also an available contact that is 100% reachable. With your data connection, you can contact them and chat up free online. If you wish to have the Whatsapp number in your contact list, you can have it now. The number is 234 906 000 6449. It will automatically provide you with all the services you admire and also send your message just like the Sterling bank mobile app. When you are ready, you can chat us up from there.

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How to Contact Sterling Bank

Haven’t been clarified on the number to call when you need help, this section has provided that information for you. In case you don’t know, Sterling bank customer service has email address that you can talk to them from. Whenever the need arises, call;

  • 070078375464 
  • 07008220000
  • 014484481-5

On the other hand, our email service is also accessible but immediate response or feedback is not promised. Get to us via [email protected] This is the Sterling Bank Nigerian email address. Moreover, teens that would love to catchup with our services, promotional offers or chat us up as regards a particular problem, we are available on Twitter and Instagram.

We believe that you can now solve your problems yourself?



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