How to Use Whatsapp Voice Recognition | Convert Whatsapp Voice-to-Text

How to Use Whatsapp Voice Recognition | Convert Whatsapp Voice-to-Text

To start with voice typing on WhatsApp, tap on the contact whom you have to send the message to. Now, pull out the keyboard and tap and hold the mic icon on top right (for Android users) or bottom right (for iOS users). Dictate the message and finally tap on the send button to send this dictated message

Whatsapp voice recognition is a featured tool that appears as microphone icon in front of every whatsapp chat room. Are you feeling dizzy? Do you see prolonged typing as a strenuous work? Then this article is for you. Continue reading to find out more…

Most times, your schedules can result to less attention to your whatsapp account. Voice note is not the only featured tool on whatsapp for alternative texting. You have been seeing a microphone icon at the end of your keyboard top but you have no clue of its usage. We are existing on this page today to inculcate that motive. You can send an uninterrupted speech to a whatsapp friend without typing it. Recognition of an offensive word is not certain.

To get started, you need a whatsapp account already logged in. However, it might interest you to download the latest 2020 whatsapp app. Check your app, if it doesn’t have an indication that its from Facebook before the page launches properly, then you are using the out-of-date app. So, you can still update the app directly from your Google Play Store platform or you backup your chats to download another. But at Default, Whatsapp notifies users of app update.

However, how to use whatsapp voice recognition/voice to text/ speech text is very simple and actualizes better and fast typing. You can now deviate from stressful typing whenever you are about to share long messages. So, Hello! Are you there? Transfer information in a typed manner without typing it yourself when you make use of your whatsapp voice recognition properly.

Whatsapp Voice Recognition Pros and Cons


  1. Chat faster than before
  2. Its easy to use
  3. Say your speech with clear indications such as ” I called you yesterday comma but you missed my call fullstop”
  4. Don’t stress typing again
  5. It hides people with poor spellings


  1. Your environment must be as silent as a graveyard
  2. After 3 seconds of no performance, the recorder goes back to normal
  3. It must take place in a logged in whatsapp account
  4. Your words must be expressed with English language at Default but you can change to preferred language through the settings

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How to Use Whatsapp Voice Recognition

Before you make use of voice to text, you must locate the app first. Therefore

  1. Open your whatsapp app
  2. Click on any profile you wish to send a message or reply
  3. Tap on the typing column
  4. Click on the Voice Recognition icon. It appears as a microphone
  5. Its different from normal voice note. Whatsapp featured voice note is seen before the typing column is clicked
  6. So, hit on the Voice to Text icon. Say your message with your mouth close to your phone mouth piece.
  7. Affirm that your environment is cool before you startup with this. Any other noise must surely distract the messaging

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