Opay Credit Card – How to Apply for Opay Payment Card

Opay Credit Card – How to Apply for Opay Payment Card

OPay is a mobile banking app that allows you to purchase airtime, order and pay for food, buy data, and other wide range of activities in real-time online.

.Just brining to you the new Opay visa card and Master card. just like Citi bank credit card and Capital one credit card, you can now be able to buy anything, anywhere online and offline using our card. Now payments have become easy with just a simple Opay card. Moreover, this package are meant for both you and me and so you will get ready to apply for Opay payment card.

furthermore, we are currently partnering with different banks within your country to make our means of payment fun and generally accepted. Now you know, that our Opay Pos Machine is on high demand for money transfers and withdrawals.

Come to think of it: If you become an Opay agent, you are entitled to Opay POS machine plus other benefits. Plus that, you can still work with us while we pay you as you work.

Opay Visa Card Review

We are open for a Win-Win game, just win and  win as you enjoy opay permanent opportunity. Our payment card is be used to make payment across shopping malls and other local mallis. Also you can use card to make purchases at a registered opay branches,. Order for food, enter keke or motorcycle and pay using your card.


How to Apply for Opay POS Machine

Opay Mastercard Review

Coming your way soon is the opay mastercard, now just like the POS machine from Opay which is serving both small and big business man and woman, the card is to be used by interested subscriber to make payments from it. However, we have partnered with different banks within your locality and sooner than you can imagine, you can use Opay to make withdrawals from your Owallet.

How to Apply for Opay Payment Card

The Opay payment card is still under review and will be coming out soon, therefore get set as we are about to launch both oPay visacard and Opay Master card. Also find out in our next guide on how to apply for opay payment card.