Orange Knowledge Scholarship | Apply For OKP Scholarship for Postgraduates

Orange Knowledge Scholarship | Apply For OKP Scholarship for Postgraduates

Orange Knowledge Scholarship: Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) promotes capacity building within organisations in 51 countries by providing training and education scholarships through fellowships for professionals.

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) is a full scholarship available to professionals working in (urban) development from 53 countries offered by Nuffic.

Orange Knowledge Program is an international scholarship scheme that widens the education perspective of diverse students in their respective priority courses. A salary is paid to each and every of the beneficiaries for tuition fees, accommodation, living cost, monthly stipend, travel fare in and out of the country. But if you must know, OKP pays this salary to these individuals as grants bargained from this fully free scholarship.

Meanwhile, accessing this grant version and first-class education that will be undertaken by each of the students, you must apply and personally indicate as an interested applicant. Records are taken for better management and judgment of the scholarship. Basically, this scholarship is funded only for postgraduates and you have limited duration to apply for 2020 orange knowledge scholarship before the due date.

Eligible Country For Application

A handful of countries have emerged as successors of the beneficiary. The facilitators’ remained Government of Netherlands but the assigned grants goes to generations of these countries listed below. So, if you return without seeing your country among the list, it has proved your ineligibility. Here we go;

  1. Egypt
  2. Nigeria
  3. Lebanon
  4. Vietnam
  5. Yemen
  6. South Africa
  7. Zambia
  8. Tunisia
  9. Myanmar
  10. Georgia
  11. Zimbabwe
  12. Thailand
  13. Afghanistan
  14. Mozambique
  15. Peru
  16. Niger
  17. Tanzania
  18. Sudan
  19. Sierra Leone
  20. Pakistan
  21. Sri Lanka
  22. Somalia
  23. Cambodia
  24. Colombia
  25. Bhutan
  26. Bangladesh
  27. Ethiopia
  28. Congo
  29. Mali
  30. Cuba
  31. Ghana
  32. Liberia
  33. Guatemela
  34. Burunmdi
  35. Kenya
  36. Palestinian Territories
  37. Ethiopia
  38. Armenia
  39. Indonesia
  40. Albania
  41. North Macedonia
  42. Nepal
  43. Guinea
  44. Nicaragua
  45. Uganda
  46. Burkina Faso
  47. Bolivia
  48. Rwanda
  49. Suriname
  50. Senegal
  51. South Sudan
  52. Benin

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Only these 52 countries can bargain from readily grants of Orange Knowledge Program Scheme for intelligent International students.

Host University

Your place of study remains the Netherlands and precisely on any prominent participating Dutch University. Before an applicant makes his/her way into the application portal, you must have applied and admitted into any of the affiliated universities. However, the application takes place at your choice university portal. Visit your preferred universities’ portal to apply for OKP Scholarship 2020 before 30 June 2020.

What Every Applicant Must Know

  1. OKP Scholarship is only for short courses and postgraduate programs.
  2. Apply with all the demanded scholarship documents. Retrain from submitting a forged or falsified document to the system
  3. They must be scanned as pdf and submitted alongside the application form. No two ways about it.
  4. Be ready to study in any assigned Dutch University.
  5. Be aware of the waiver allocated to your Tuition fee, academic expenses, Travel fare, Shelter, Monthly allowance and other Minor insurance.

How To Apply for Orange Knowledge Scholarship

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