Scholarships in Singapore 2024 for Master’s and Ph.D.

Scholarships in Singapore 2024 for Master’s and Ph.D. – Are you an ambitious international student seeking a world-class education? Look no further! Singapore, renowned for its exceptional research capabilities and educational institutions, has opened up applications for Scholarships in 2024 for Masters and Ph.D. programs. The island nation is increasingly becoming a global favorite for higher education.

Scholarships in Singapore 2024 for Master’s and Ph.D.

Why Singapore?

Why not Singapore, one might ask? As a hub of knowledge and innovation, Singapore offers an extensive spectrum of opportunities for research and education. Aspiring students worldwide are attracted to its rapidly evolving academic infrastructure and international connectivity.

Among the prestigious institutes offering scholarships is the Singapore University of Technology (SUTD), ranked among the best in the world. SUTD prides itself on its affiliations with globally acclaimed institutes, including the Massachusetts University of Technology.

Brief Description

  • Location: Singapore
  • Institute: Singapore University of Technology
  • Program: Master’s and Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Deadline: 16th March, 2024

Eligibility and Requirements of Scholarships in Singapore

Interestingly, the Singapore Scholarships have an inclusive approach. Regardless of nationality, anyone can apply, making it a truly global opportunity. However, the eligibility criteria vary according to each specific program, so do ensure to check the requirements for your desired program.

Exciting Opportunities Awaiting

The Singapore University of Technology offers two scholarships:

SUTD Graduate Scholarships:

Depending on the applicant’s nationality, the awards vary:

  • Singapore citizens: S$3600
  • Permanent residents of Singapore: S$3400
  • International students: S$3100

Additionally, there is also funding available for yearly conferences.

SUTD Ph.D. Fellowship:

This award is nearly fully funded and includes:

  • Full tuition coverage
  • A monthly stipend, which varies by nationality:
  • Singapore citizens: S$2,800
  • Singapore permanent residents: S$2,400
  • International students: S$2,200

Available Program

The Singapore University of Technology offers research programs in Engineering, Security by Design, Nano Electronics, and Design. For those interested in Architecture, the university offers programs in Urban Science, Policy, and Planning.

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How to Apply

Applications are made through an online form. Don’t hesitate and miss this golden opportunity! Please visit official website for more information.


Remember, the deadline for applications is the 16th of March 2024. Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers.


Does the scholarship cover airfare?

Unfortunately, airfare is not included in the scholarship and will need to be self-funded.

In conclusion, the Singapore Scholarships 2024 provides an invaluable opportunity to secure a quality education in a globally recognized institute. The benefits are plentiful, the courses diverse, and the possibilities limitless. All that remains is for you to apply and begin your academic journey in Singapore!