South Korea Visa Application Form – Fees and Requirements | How to Apply

South Korea Visa Application Form – Fees and Requirements | How to Apply

South Korea Visa Application Form: This is a full guide on South Korea Visa Application Requirement, fees and procedures. Continue reading for full details…

Are you planning travelling to South Korea? Then we have mapped out guide to help you on your trip to South Korea. We shall discuss about the visa application form, and how to apply requirement and eligibility. Find out how to apply for Korean visa and also discover which travel visa to go for when planning to apply for your visa.

Foreign individuals desiring to enter Korea are required to apply for a Korean visa. Although our county has about 100 and above visa waiver for some countries, but if you are not from the country that has our visa waiver then you are required to apply for our visa so as to enter our country freely.

Travelling requires a proper guide so as not to make a mistake, but if you have been to Korea before, then you may not need so much guide, so right here is a simple guide on South Korea visa application form, you will come to discover after reading this post, how to apply for a visa to Korea.


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Countries under Visa Waiver Agreement with South Korea

The countries under the continents listed above can enter our country without any visa, but they are only permitted to say in our country for a maximum period of 90 days.

  • Asia – 8 countries
  • America – 32 countries
  • Europe – 43 countries
  • Oceania – 13 countries
  • Africa and Middle East – 16 countries.

You can visit the website that we will be showing you below to find out if your country is among those that have a visa waiver and if yes, you will also find out how you can apply without a visa.

Korea Visa Application Websites

You can apply for a Korean visa via any of the websites listed below

  • Korea Immigration Service – (Korean, English).
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – (Korean, English)
  • Hi Korea – (Korean, English, Chinese).

South Korea Visa Application Form

Visit any of the websites listed above to check your eligibility status and equally discover how to apply safely. Meanwhile for more information on how to apply for Korean visa, you can ask visit our us Fanslite drop your comment using the comment section