Think Big Scholarships at Bristol University

Think Big Scholarships at Bristol University

What is think big scholarship?
Prospective international students can apply for funding towards the cost of tuition fees. Scholarships will be available for our qualifying courses starting September 2022.

Think Big Scholarship Eligibility

Who can apply for think big scholarships at bristol university? International students with an intent to attain any of the qualified levels of study in the qualified courses are hereby wanted by Bristol university into their institution. You are not only here to populate this institution but also to accomplish and demonstrate good ambassador of this scholarship.

Therefore, students with great life ambitions will be certified with Bachelors and PhD certificate. Handful of students are well-selected while recognizing the endorsed selection criteria leading this scholarship. So, available ideal candidates will apply online with the system application form pdf.

Yes, we feel obliged to tutor our loved ones and ambitious students on how to apply for think big scholarship and attain their respective dreams with this special training. However, these international students will fulfill their life career training in the UK.

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Qualified Courses

All the disciplinary courses being undergone in Bristol University will be undertaken by all the prospective students and postgraduates. Irrespective of that perspective, Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary Science are not considered, hence not qualified for Think Big Scholarships.

Scholarship Funding

Yet uncertain recipients of this scholarship, undergraduates, and postgraduates are assured of certain identified cash prizes. Congratulations! your days in the UK as a student are backed up with 10,000 euros and 20,000 euros respectively. With this amount, you can fund for your tuition fee waiver, living cost, and so on.

Qualities of Applicants

If you must apply for Think Big Scholarship, these qualities must be possessed by any applicant including you. Read on to see more;

  1. An applicant that wishes to apply and receive Bristol University scholarship must apply from outside the United Kingdom
  2. Any gender can apply
  3. Can you demonstrate the needfulness of this scholarship in your future plan?. Your demonstration will also contribute to the possibility of getting this scholarship.
  4. Think Big Scholarship is for both male and female gender
  5. Its a financial grant for all international students wishing for academic training in Bristol university. Therefore, only students from financially unstable background will qualify

Bristol University has already devoted to dash out more encouragement to intellectually talented students with financial in capabilities. They have stood up since inception in supporting financially unfortunate students in accessing quality and first-class education that couldn’t be afforded by there parents.

Across over 50 countries on planet earth, Bristol university has over 5 million students that were initially recipients of this scholarship. At this juncture, we believe that think big scholarship is perfect for you and the nature of your studies unless you are into medical, dentistry and veterinary studies. Any other discipline in exception of the mentioned is all guaranteed accessible.

Place of Study

Think Big scholarship is one undeniable scholarship being offered to most international students for four years or two years study pursuit in UK at Bristol University.

Qualified Academic Cycles

  • For Undergraduates and Postgraduates Only

Supplementary Scholarship Materials

  1. Recommendation letter for both postgraduates and undergraduates
  2. Transcript of previous programs for next study affirmation
  3. Recent CV for postgraduates
  4. Proof of at least 3 years of work experience in any work related to course field
  5. Passport Photograph

These supplementary materials MUST be submitted with the application form to increase the validation of an individual application

Think Big Scholarships at Bristol University

Think Big scholarships at Bristol university is an annual scheme for interested international students wishing for complete studies in an undergraduate or postgraduate level of studies.

Now that you wish to go for this scholarship application, undergraduate application ended on March while Postgraduates ended on 14th June. But we would love you to apply at the right time next year.