USA Passport Application – How to Get a New USA Passport

USA Passport Application – How to Get a New USA Passport

USA Passport Application: This is a comprehensive guide on how to apply and get your USA Passport. Continue Reading…

International  passport for your international and local travels. Have you lost your passport or it was stolen? Then, you have to grab this great opportunity placed on this post to obtain new, certified passport for yourself or family. Use this registered guide on how to get a new passport to sort yourself out.

Your international passport is a proof that you are from a defined country or region in the universe. Without this ID, you can’t travel or cross a country’s boarder for your emergency meetings or business intents. Losing a passport card or book is not always a deliberate action but if you unfortunately find yourself in that state , am sorry but you have to get a new passport. If the passport is still sound but torn-out or lost a page, you can renew it. Apparently, to get a new passport doesn’t require much.

There are many reasons which might lead to your cause of changing or getting a new passport; either your card has been damaged, you changed your name but on the other hand lost the proof or your card was given to you over a couple of some years ago.

Whatever the case maybe, we bring to you the highlighted steps for getting a new passport and as quick as possible. You might have scheduled your events already, due to absence of passport you couldn’t proceed or haven’t proceeded. Read all the terms and requirements positioned here for your betterment.

Furthermore, Who can get this card? a U.S citizen that obtained his/her passport before 16 years of age. Any passport given to a person below 16 years is termed as child’s passport and as such not eligible for official and international movements in or outside the country. That is to say, if you received a certified passport in the name of your parents at the age of 16 years down to the least age, you are to apply for a new passport.

However, to sort this issue, take these outlined tutorial on how to get a new passport.

New U.S Passport Application Website

  • Application form must be filled and submitted at US passport acceptance facilities. They are local agents for passport application. There is no online application for new passport.
  • If you have an emergency schedules at any other locality aside within the state, move to any of the agents facilities to book an appointment. Show them the proof of your emergency visit to other country. Once affirmed, expedited service form will be issued to you. Fill it and wait for yours before or within 2 weeks
  • It is advisable to always apply, fill and submit the form 6 months before any travel because some airlines doesn’t accept passport not validated for 6 months or above.


USA Green Card Online Application Form

2021 USA Green Card Visa Lottery Application

How to Get a New Passport 

To obtain a new ID is not a complicated task as others think. With your application fee and other required documents, your passport will be obtained within 7 – 8 weeks. You can download the application form online but can never submit it online. The filled application form is handed over to US local passport agencies. During application, you will be instructed not to append any signature until you are instructed to do so. Follow instructions and noting will obstruct you from getting yours.


  1. You must apply in person
  2. Only US citizens are eligible for application
  3. Bring document (s) that proved your citizenship in US
  4. You must fill the application form “Form DS-11”
  5. Provide Government photo ID
  6. Submit your passport photograph
  7. Proof of Application payment fee

Reasons for Applying New Passport

  • Damaged passports are not eligible for travels
  • If your passport book or card was issued to you over 15 years ago
  • Citizens that got their own below 16 years are to re-apply for new one
  • If you never had a passport, go ahead and apply
  • If you wish to get a new passport due to number of page issues you are not restricted to proceed with application
  • Citizens that changed their name and at same time lost their proof of change of name. Provided that your recent name doesn’t apply same as in the passport, you must apply another.

Keep depending on us. You will later be informed on how to get  passport for your child. Hope this information helped? Use the comment box below for other questions and contributions.