Yelp App Not Working? – Is Yelp Down? – Here’s How to Fix It

Is Yelp app not working for you? – Is it down, and you are looking for the solution on what to do to fix the Yelp issue? Then read through to find the various methods and approach you can adopt to fix Yelp app when there is an error.

Yelp is an online business discovery platform for local businesses to show their business to their local consumers. It allows them find, discover, connect and do business with local business outfit of different sizes.

Most range of businesses are on Yelp including cafes, restaurants, bars, hairdressers and many others. Thus, you must have come across Yelp business directory if you have ever searched for local businesses that even includes home services like home cleaners, Electricians etc or Auto services, restaurants and many more others.


Yelp App Not Working? – Here’s How to Fix It

Here is what you can do if you find yourself with Yelp app not working for you. There are two approaches to fix this, and we are going start with number one thing you can do to fix Yelp app not working.

How to Fix Yelp App Not Working

1. Uninstall the Yelp app

2. Re-start your device

3. Then re-install the app again.

This is one thing you have to do if you find out that your Yelp app is not working. Once you do this, and you find that the problem persists or rather that Yelp is down, then you will have to take the next approach.


What to Do If Yelp Is Down for You

If you keep seeing problem with Yelp app, then you will need to follow the step below;

1. Go to Yelp support center

2. Search through the topics to find answer to the problem you are facing.

3. Otherwise Submit a bug report

2. The Yelp support team will work with the Engineering team to help get the issue resolved for you. You can contact Yelp and report your problem to the support.


Yelp Frequently Asked Questions;

What to Do When Yelp App Keep Closing

If Yelp app keep closing, then it is important you follow the first method we mentioned, and that is, delete or uninstall Yelp app from your device, restart your device and then install Yelp app again from your device app store.

Yelp App crashing?

When you reinstall Yelp app, and it keeps crashing, it is time to contact Yelp support center or read up some helpful tips in the support center page here.

How do I Update Yelp?

If you want to update Yelp app to the latest version here is what you need to do. But before you do this, be sure you are not using the current or latest updated Yelp version. Otherwise, simply delete your Yelp app, and go to your app store, find Yelp app and download and install it again to your phone. With every single install from the app store, you are rest assured it is the latest update you are installing, this is because once there is Yelp app update, they push and update it in the app store for users to download.

What to Do When Yelp Map Not Working

Whether it is Yelp map not working or it is the entire Yelp app not working, it is fine to uninstall Yelp, then turn off your phone device, restart the device and then download, install and update Yelp latest version from the app store.