Apply For Lund University Scholarship

Apply For Lund University Scholarship

Do you want to study in Sweden? Do you have an idea of the quality of knowledge distributed among university students through Lund university scholarship for international students? You stay clueless without our ideas. Download Lund university scholarship application form to get started.

Lund university scholarship is targeted at non-European students wishing for a master’s and bachelor’s certification after undergoing full time program in any Sweden prestigious university. However, as a prominent candidate, there are few facts needed to be instilled for an apprehended scholarship application. You can not indicate your left and right without a detailed notice.

Therefore, we present a comprehensive guideline for all students aiming for Lund university scholarship for international students for attaining either an undergraduate or postgraduate program for free. We will see to the qualities that must be possessed by any applicant or aspirant of this scholarship. But have it that Lund university has assisted over 500 thousand students from different parts of the world aside Switzerland and European countries, since inception.

So, have you been contemplating on the possibilities of seeing yourself outside your present country for studies? Do you wish for an academic training far away from home? Lund university scholarship for international students will cover your tuition fee 100% while other expenses are your responsibility. It is called half-funded.

Who Can Apply?

  1. A graduate student with a proven bachelor’s degree and previous academic records illustrating steady high grades. This is for intenders of the postgraduate program
  2. Others intending for an undergraduate certification must demonstrate proven academic records of previous colleges illustrating efficient marks of a completed level.
  3. These are the academic qualifications of this scholarship applicants
  4. You must be a non-European students because this scholarship is not targeted and definitely not budgeted for the Europeans.
  5. An aspirant must be capable to sort the travel fare if the scholarship was finally received. You can fund for your living cost and other personal and academic expenses. This scholarship is only aimed at funding the tuition fee of the students individually.

Nationality for Studies

Your geographical base for this scholarship is at Sweden. So, the applicant of this scholarship should be informed now and here that Lund University scholarship for international students is only for non-European students that can startup and complete their studies at Lund University, Sweden. You’ll join other beneficiaries of this scholarship in leveraging the revenue.

Eligible Courses

It has been announced that the only course undergone by other alumni is the university-related courses. These international students has to undertake the university focused course programs. That is to say, you have to research Lundi University to ensure the availability of your specialized course program. That’s it.

Study Cycles:

  1. Graduates intending to attain a Masters program for free can now proceed with the application
  2. High school students intending for freshmen status are totally free to startup a profound undergraduate study with their tuition fee totally covered. 100% guaranteed.

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Scholarship Required Documents

These are supplementary of this scholarship. These are mostly for postgraduates because they have more than enough to prove in order to affirm the validity and legitimacy of their results and certificates. If your documents are not proven or later identified to be falsified, you will be automatically disqualified. So, take your time during documents gathering and submission

For Postgraduates:

  1. We need your CV – Recent CV
  2. Proof of minimum 3 years of work experience
  3. Transcript of your Bachelor’s Degree certificate
  4. Passport Photograph
  5. National Identity Proof
  6. Recommendation Letter from whom will be notified later

For Freshmen:

  • Your high school final year results will be needed to be proven
  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Passport photograph
  • An application form must be filled electrically and submitted likewise.

Lund University Scholarship for International Students

We are currently not available due to the recent closure of the application portal. But that doesn’t inculcate eternal closure. This scholarship application renews annually and you can make the notification possible by activating your notification mode when your contact is left with us. Signify your interest by dropping either your mobile number or email address. With that, you will get immediate information at the right time.