Chinese Language Program Scholarship – How to Apply for Chinese Study

Chinese Language Program Scholarship – How to Apply for Chinese Study: The Chinese Language Scholarship or Confucius scholarship is one of the best options for international students who want to study Chinese Mandarin in China on Scholarship. Very famous among language learners, the Chinese Language Scholarship in China is administered by the Confucius institution Scholarship.

Eligible Study Level

Undergraduates: We regret saying this but it’s according to the 2020 system. Undergraduates are not urged to forward with the online application. They were not budgeted for this scholarship at all. The planned degree program will be unveiled right away

Graduate Program: This program section is permitted to be applied for with your Bachelor’s transcript as evidence of completing the first level of your education. This transcript must be submitted alongside the application form with clear indications and a view of vital course scores.

Postgraduate Award: Doctoral degree is equally a degree certified and funded by, in Chinese language program scholarship. With evidence of completed degree programs. Only this proof can offer you the space on a platter of gold

What is a Chinese university scholarship?

It is a full scholarship scheme established by the MOE to support international students who are the winners of the HSK test (Chinese Proficiency Test) held overseas to study Chinese in China. Applicants may apply to the CSC through the HSK test organizing institutions or Chinese diplomatic missions.


How many types of scholarships are there in China?

There are three main scholarships in China: 1) Chinese Government Scholarship; 2) Local Government Scholarship (city or province) and 3) Confucius Institute Scholarship. In addition, many Chinese universities have also set up scholarship programs for international students.

Is studying in China a good idea?

Studying abroad in China provides opportunities for international students to view things from the Chinese perspective. China has become one of the most popular studies abroad destinations for international students because of its long history and rich culture.

Which scholarship is best in China?

Top Scholarships in China

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) Type A. Scholarship Link.
  2. Chinese Government Scholarship Type B. Scholarship Link.
  3. Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS) Scholarship Link.
  4. Shanghai Government Scholarship.
  5. Fujian Government Scholarship.
  6. Ph.
  7. Joint Research Ph.
  8. Peking University Scholarship (PKUS)

Can I study in China for free?

You can study in China for free without paying tuition, rent, and insurance. So the question is, how? With the proper guidance and support, you will secure scholarships and grants to assist you. Studying in China for free is possible and will be one of the best experiences any international student should have.

Which Chinese university gives free scholarships?

Jiangsu Government Scholarship–The Jiangsu Provincial Government set up the Jiangsu Government Scholarship to encourage international students to study in Jiangsu. The scholarship will award you the full cost of tuition, registration, lab experiment, internships, accommodation, medical insurance and basic textbooks.

What is type B in Chinese government scholarship?

CSC Program Category Type B = Chinese University Program, for freshmen only. CSC scholarship type B generally refers to scholarship programs responsible for Chinese universities under CGS-Chinese University Program. The applied universities will review applications of Type B.