Duo and Hangouts – Free Video Calls – Is Duo Really Better than Hangouts?

Duo and Hangouts – Free Video Calls – Is Duo Really Better than Hangouts?

Duo and Hangouts – Duo vs Hangout, what I would be showing you here is not really a comparison but a test to see if the Google Duo would be able to successfully replace the Google hangouts.

A lot of people have become familiar with this platform since its existence for six years now. The main thing these two app aims to provide is the possibility of a cross-platform communication between different devices, communication between mobile device and desktop.

Google hangout is an app that simplifies video calling. Not only does hangouts simplify video calling, but it also simplifies texting. You can Hangout with your friends from the comfort of your phone and do a whole lot of things. You can even share your location to your friends. Over the years, Google hangouts have accumulated many features.

These features include SMS support. I was so surprised to hear that the app would soon be shutting down. This platform leaves a legacy of untapped potentials.

Being powered by the phenomenal success of Google, this app became the popular venue for global video conferencing. This app is used by a lot of people including presidents, movie stars, and even popes. It was used to hold a conference to the press and even astronauts orbiting the earth.

Google Hangout

After some time, Google decided to introduce another video calling app with a twist. Google decided that customers wanted to separate their working and their social lives. Customers reviewed that they don’t need a file sharing and integrated workflow to impress them. They said what they require is a video platform that lets them speak to more than one person at the same time. Google Duo, as the name suggests, launched a strict two-participant call limit. It may also surprise you to know that Google Duo famously surpassed the popular mobile reality game “Pokemon GO” in the Google play store. This app immediately vaults to the top of the free android app.

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Google Duo vs Google Hangout – Final Verdict

After the thorough comparison of both apps, there is really no conflict between these two apps. In fact, Google Duo is more like a successor to Google Hangouts rather than a rival. You should also know that there is no point in choosing between these two apps since Google hangouts would pass into digital oblivion.

Duo and Hangouts – Free Video Calls – Is Duo Really Better than Hangouts?

That’s just ok because Google Duo is a better version of the same product. Of course, there are also some features and benefits that Google hangouts have over Google Duo for now. I personally urge you to start using Google Duo from now on.