Google Free News – Google News Showcase Gets To More Countries Including The UK And Argentina

Google Free News – Google News Showcase Gets To More Countries Including The UK And Argentina: Google Free News: Just last week we announced that Google News Showcase, our new product experience and licensing program for news, had launched in Australia.

Today we’re announcing that News Showcase is rolling out with local, national and independent publishers in Argentina. As part of our licensing deals with publishers, we’re also launching the ability for readers to access select paywall content.

This feature will give people the opportunity to read more of a publisher’s content than they would otherwise have access to, while enabling publishers to incent readers to become a subscriber.

So far, we’ve signed on 40 news publications to Google News Showcase, including Clarin, La Nación, Perfil, Infobae, Crónica, Cronista, El Economista, Diario Río Negro, El Día, La Gaceta and El Litoral.

These news organizations represent the two largest newspapers in the country and some of the top independent, local and regional news organizations. We’re continuing to work with additional publications to sign them on for News Showcase,

“We are satisfied to continue building a mature and productive relationship with Google in Argentina,” says Héctor Aranda, CEO of Clarín and, the largest media organization in the country.

“As the owner of several of the most visited journalistic sites in the country, Grupo Clarín contributes an important value to the ecosystem and the consumption of digital content in Argentina.

The possibility that this value is recognized by a relevant platform like Google is an auspicious step.”

EU regulations hit Google in France and Germany

Google has agreed deals with several large publishers in France and Germany, the European Union’s largest economies.

But regulatory setbacks, stemming from the EU’s new Copyright Directive, have created complications for Google.

As first reported by Reuters and verified by a well-placed source, Google agreed a $76m cash-for-content deal with 121 French news publishers – represented by the Alliance de la presse d’information generale (APIG) – in January this year.

The Reuters report stated that publishers were being paid $22m annually for licensing deals and an extra $10m in exchange for not suing Google over copyright for three years.

The agreement included a commitment to participate in News Showcase but it is not clear how much this part of the deal was worth.

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According to one well-placed source, the smallest publications will be paid at least €8,000 per year under the deal, while France’s largest titles would receive in excess of €1m a year.

Reuters also reported in February that three national titles – Le Monde, Le Figaro, and Liberation – had agreed deals under which they would be paid about €3m a year each on top of their other €1m-plus deals.

Google says News Showcase offers participating publishers the chance to provide more context for stories such as through bullet points and timelines, and it has plans for supporting audio, video, and “daily briefings” in the future, directly within the Google and Google News apps on iOS and Android.

In Argentina, Google says it has partnered with 40 publishers including Clarin, La Nación, Perfil, Crónica, Cronista, El Economista, Diario Río Negro, El Día, La Gaceta, and El Litoral.

In the UK, Google has inked deals with The Financial Times, The Telegraph, Reuters, and more than 120 other publishers to offer this new panel experience to users.

Google announced News Showcase in October of last year with a commitment to invest $1 billion in partnerships with publishers and “the future of news.”

Google describes News Showcase as a way for users to get more insight into stories and “helps publishers develop deeper relationships with their audiences.”

How do I get showcase on Google News?

You can find Google News Showcase content within the Google News app on both iOS and Android apps, it can also be found via the mobile web. Showcase appears alongside your personalised news in the For You tab, when you sign in into your Google account.

What is Google showcase?

Google News Showcase is a new news experience that launched in late 2020. Google News Showcase helps participating publishers share their expertise and editorial voice through an enhanced storytelling experience. This experience lets readers dive deeper into more complex stories.

How do I turn off showcase in Google News?

Change your notifications

Tap News settings . Under ‘Alerts‘, tap Notifications. To get notifications, turn on Get notifications. To stop all notifications, turn off Get notifications.

What is subscribe with Google?

Subscribe with Google (SwG) is a platform designed to help publishers drive conversions and engage existing subscribers across Google and the web. This solution lets your customers use their Google account and payment methods to subscribe across the web.