How to Create YouTube Channel | Create and Upload Video on Youtube Guide

How to Create YouTube Channel | Create and Upload Video on Youtube Guide

There are different special ways to earn online. People learn from affiliate marketing, by monetizing your website or online group while many create a youtube channel for videos upload. This channel is all about you, what you love doing, what you are so passionate about. created an open space for diverse individuals intending to earn while spreading messages to the world or adding value to people’s lives.

Now, do you intend creating a channel which will be monetized later through Google Adsense, then you have nothing to lose when we tell you that you are at the right track. Start from positioning your mind on reasons for generating a channel. Are you in for comedy skits? Motivational lifestyles or dance tutorials, then you are not far from brightened days. This post is verily on how to upload youtube videos on personalized channel.

Furthermore, running a youtube channel is not an imposed act but a voluntary movement. As you have decided to create a channel, be set for continuous videos upload as the number of your subscribers and viewers determines how far you can go with your earns. Regardless of its terms and conditions, lets quickly highlight how to name a channel on for free.

Requirements for Creating a Youtube Channel

Anyways, there is no special character or a criteria for standing out a space on youtube. As easy as anything you can imagine, creating a youtube channel can never consume more than 5 minutes. Having a gmail account alone has qualified for you for an account on this website. Please, if you don’t have a Google Account but you are in quest for a youtube channel, do not hesitate to create a gmail account.

You can create it here rightaway for free. With the account, you are free to sign up channel, login your account to update on viewers and subscribers, upload videos and discover how many likes, unlikes and read comments.

What is Youtube

Youtube is an entertaining, newsy, and business interface with tons of contents from different corners of the world. It’s a standardized interface for getting both old and new videos, musics, visualized events, music videos, contents and news. Being the most circulated website by individuals,organizations, companies and the world, people communicate ideas and equally obtain new ideologies from the platform.

On the other hand, its one of the legit earning platform. You earn through your hard work. Post videos, provided that your viewers exceeded number of free mode, youtube will start paying you. So, begin with creating a channel, throw more light on the channel’s purpose and start uploading channel-liked videos afterwards.

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How to Upload YouTube Videos

  • Open your youtube app from mobile phone with data connection switched on
  • Tap on the Profile icon positioned at the right spot of the homepage
  • Sign with your Gmail account
  • At the right side, hit on the Video Icon to locate Upload Videos
  • Select the video from your gallery after you must have created ad saved the video on your gallery
  • Name the video and Publish

How To Create YouTube Channel

Of course, before you become able for youtube videos upload, you own an account with youtube. So, sign up a channel with these steps

  • Visit YouTube app or log onto > the official website
  • Hit on the avatar icon just at your immediate right
  • Sign in your gmail account
  • Click or Tap on Create Channel to navigate and click on Get Started
  • Name your channel and customize the account with channel description and rest of them
  • Your channel becomes set once you click on Done

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