How to Go Live On TikTok – Livestream On TikTok

TikTok is among the social media that lets users go LIVE and do stream videos. But the question is, how do you go LIVE on TikTok? This is where we come in! In this article to show you how to go live on TikTok social media, using your mobile phone device – Android or iPhone iOS.

Like some other social media platforms like Facebook, WeChat, Instagram etc, TikTok that allows live streaming of videos by creators which they use to engage their viewers and followers.

Before we show you the steps and guide to do streaming on Tik Tok, let us understand certain conditions that one need to meet to be able to do LIVE streaming. In the course of this article, we will also highlight for you things and factors you need to consider before doing LIVE streaming on Tik Tok.


How Do You Livestream On TikTok?

TikTok has a lot of features offered to its millions of users including the ability to do lip-syncing, display their comedy and also do LIVE stream videos. It is a lot easier to do live streaming on Tik Tok, and we have even gone ahead to make it a lot more easier.

So all you need do is read this to the end to have a general and in-depth idea and knowledge on Live streaming as it concerns TikTok in particular. As you read through, you will see that we have taken time to answer other necessary questions that bothers on how to do effective video livestream on TikTok platform.

Important: Going LIVE offers online content creators the opportunity to connect directly with their audience in real time while give them better edge to show their passions, talents exposure, and in essence strengthen their relationship with their followers and audiences.

So the big question is, what does it take to do livestream on Tik Tok? Let us answer the whole questions right away in the various sections below;


What Does it Take to LIVE Stream On TikTok

Before you are able to do LIVE stream video, you should meet certain conditions, otherwise you will not be able to go live and stream videos with your followers. These conditions are;

  1. Be 16 years old or above.
  2. You MUST have at least 1000 TikTok followers to be able to go LIVE.

Thus, if you do not meet this prerequisite of at least 1000 followers and be 16 years old or above, the, TikTok live stream feature will NOT be available to your TikTok account.


How to Go Live On TikTok

1. Tap on + Create” icon. This will give you access to the TikTok LIVE screen

2. Using the navigation feature, swipe to LIVE.

3. Pick an image of your choice

4. Now, enter the title of your TikTok Livestream.

5. Just when you are finally ready, simply tap on the “Go LIVE” button to start your TikTok stream. At this point, you’re LIVE on TikTok, and your followers will be able to see your livestream.

There are things you could do while you are LIVE, and this includes couple of settings based on what you want.

To make changes to your TikTok LIVE settings, use the three dots by tapping on it to make different changes to your settings.

For instance, you decide to flip your camera, you can add effects to your LIVE stream, you can filter comments from your viewers and you can add moderators as well.

N|B: TikTok allows you to add up to 20 moderators to your stream when you are LIVE.

There is one interesting and amazing thing about TikTok livestream, especially on the side of the LIVE stream creator; And that is the LIVE gifting feature which lets your followers show you support as their favorite creator by way of sending you virtual gifts while you are hosting a LIVE video.

These gifts can be exchanged for funds by the creator, yes!


Things to Consider Before You Go LIVE On TikTok – TikTok Live Stream Tips

There are certain things you need to consider and put in place as a creator, for effective livestreaming, and to encourage good engagement with your followers and viewers, and we mentioned some of the below;

Time Slot:

Time they say is everything! You need to consider the time you stream your LIVE video on TikTok. You need to understand the prime time in relation to your followers and audience. You do not want to go LIVE when your audience are INACTIVE on TikTok.

What this means, is that you have to make sure you do your LIVE stream coincide with the time of the day when your audience are most active online on TikTok.


Length Of Time:

The duration of your LIVE stream is another factor you have to consider. Although you can decide to stream for any length of time, but 30 minutes is ideal for the best engagement. It is somewhat best practice to put into consideration.


Make Sure You Stay Active:

This is of the opinion that you build engagement for your LIVE stream even before you go LIVE. How does this work? The idea here is to post a video before the time you will go LIVE.

This way, if any of your followers or viewers sees the posted video while you’re LIVE, a special icon will appear beside the video notifying them that your are LIVE streaming, which prompts them and make it easy for them to join your stream directly through your feed.


Adequate Lighting

Bad lighting is not good for your LIVE stream! It makes it more difficult for your audience and viewers to see what’s going on in the background. It can make you lose their engagement, and that is not what you want.

Good lighting will encourage viewers attention and engagement to your LIVE stream, especially on what you want them to focus on; Thus ensure you have proper lighting when you are going LIVE.


Avoid Noise:

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the quality of your sound while going LIVE on TikTok. You want your viewers to hear you clearly and everything you say.

So avoid all background noise which can distract your audience. And find a quiet environment for your LIVE streaming.


Good Internet Connection:

Do not let bad internet connection mess your LIVE stream video. Make sure you test your internet before you go LIVE as LIVE videos demand a good and steady internet connection.


Consider Your Camera Angle:

Take into consideration your visual presentation, and thus choose one camera angle. Avoid unnecessarily random moving around, as this can cause poor viewing experience for your viewers. Pin your phone camera in one location and stick with it consistently.


Proper Planning:

Make sure you plan out your LIVE streaming. Do not just wake and go LIVE. Plan out what you want to do before going LIVE. Understand what you stream is all about and stick to it.


Engage your Audience:

The power of engagement cannot be overemphasized. Whatever you do, see going LIVE on TikTok as a way of building good relationship with your followers, and so whether you are responding to comments or answering questions from them, ensure you engage with them.


Safe On TikTok LIVE Stream

You have all the features from TikTok to safeguard your LIVE stream videos. You can filter comments, mute a viwer and stop them from commenting. You can even go as far as blocking someone from seeing your LIVE video on TikTok.



How to Go Live With Someone On TikTok

To invite another TikTok user to join your Live stream, you will use a button that appears in the bottom left-hand corner while you are on LIVE.

Click on this button, and you will see list of possible user that can join the livestream.

Now, to invite any one of them, you will click on invite beside the user, and the clock countdown will start, giving the person 20 seconds to accept the invite and join you on livestream.

If they fail to join, Tik Tok will give you the option to end the live stream or you may decide to continue with the livestreaming.

As a user, you must be watching the live stream already to be able to join the live stream. While you are watching a livestream, in the comment section is a button with two smiling faces.

To request from the host to join their stream, you have to tap on this button with two smiling faces to send your request.

If the host accepts your request, then you would be allowed to join, but if they ignore the request you will not be able to join.

This is why it is good that you make proper plan and arrangement with the host prior to the livestream to make your intention about joining their livestream known to them before hand.

Should they accept your request to join, the livestream screen spits into two, with one half having a countdown announcing the joining of the guest.

At this point, the user’s livestream will appear in that screen too, indication two people on the livestream together.


How Many Followers Do You Need to Go Live On TikTok

To be able do Tik Tok live stream as a creator, you must have at least 1000 followers and above. In addition, you must be at least 16 years old or above to host a livestream.


How to go Live on TikTok Without 1000 Followers

To do live stream on TikTok without having 1000 followers will require you to go through some kind trick. You will have to write TikTok support telling them you cannot go live on your account. Follow this guide;

1. Launch your TikTok app from your mobile phone.

2. Tap on your TikTok Profile icon “Me” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Now, tap on the three dot menu to explore the settings options.

4. Scroll down, and under the Support section, tap on Report a problem.

5. Find the “Live/Payment/Rewards

6. On Select, a Topic screen, go for Live Host.

7. Next, tap I can’t start a live.

8. You will see the question, Is your problem resolved? Choose No!

Remember, according to TikTok, LIVE option is not available for all users of the app, thus you will have to write them to convince them on why they need to enable LIVE option for you. Trying writing something convincing, and if you cannot write a convincing report, hire someone who is good at doing so.

Mention things like your fans are requesting you to go live and that they will like to see you live on TikTok stream. Do this right, and you stand a chance of having LIVE option enabled for your account.


How Old Do You Have to Be to Go Live On TikTok?

TikTok has stated that the age for anyone to be on the platform is at least 16 years. So, to be able to do livestream on TikTok, you have to be 16 years and above.

But remember, this is not the only criteria for you to be able to do live streaming, as you will also meet the prerequisite of 1000 followers as mentioned earlier above.


How to Go Live on TikTok Android And iOS

1. Ensure you have installed the latest TikTok app on your mobile phone – Click here to download Latest TikTok  App for Android and iOS

2. Open the Tik Tok application, and log in your TikTok account.

3. Tap on the plus sign (“+”) “Create” button at the bottom center of the screen.

4. Select ‘Live’ button next to the recording button.

5. Select an image and add your stream title.

6. When you are fully ready, tap on the ‘Go Live’ button.

Download TikTok app for Android on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore for iOS


How Many Likes on TikTok to Go Live?

There is no like criteria to going live on Tik Tok. One of the criteria to do live stream on TikTok is having at least 1000 followers. And the second criteria is the creator being at least 16 years old or above.


How to See Who’s Live On TikTok

1. Open your TikTok app from your phone.

2. Tap on the notification tab – It is at the bottom of TikTok app scree.

3. Tap on the Top LIVEs option at the top of the TikTok page.

4. Tap on the Watch option at the left side of the Top LIVEs option inside of Tik Tok.

5. Choose from the list which of the livestreams to watch.

Note: You can Swipe up to watch more live streaming from other LIVEs streaming options.