Instagram Video Download – How to Download Instagram Videos

Instagram Video Download – How to Download Instagram Videos

Instagram Video Download: Do you want to download your favourite video on Instagram? this guide was published because of you… continue reading to find out how…

Research have it that Instagram has become the world’s best home for celebrities; users have turned app to be where they can download latest music from artists, comedy shows, and what have you. According to analysis, a lot of people who joined instagram did because they wanted to follow up their favourite artist.

Either way, you now know that you can download instagram videos on mobile or on PC, so we will be showing you how to, but before we rush you with the steps involved, lets quickly drop the things you need to save IGTV videos.

Download instagram videos, IGTV, photos and HD videos. Install instgram video downloader or simply save videos on any devices of choice.

What You Need to Save Instagram Videos

  • Instagram account
  • Instragram app for easy approach
  • Enough data to surf the net.
  • A smartphone or pc
  • A free pace to accommodate videos
  • An Instagram video downloader (optional).

These are the things you may need to save your video on Instagram, so once you have them, you are one step away from downloading a video.

How to Download Instagram Videos

This is how to download instagram video on your device

  • Open your browser and log on your instagram account or simply login with your app.
  • Locate the person you want to download the videos from
  • Click on the three dotted sign by the right hand side of the video.
  • Choose to save the video link from the sub menu
  • Copy the link ad visit any free video download website of your choice online
  • Paste the links and fetch your video.

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How to Download Instagram Videos on Mobile

  • Once you tap on your Instagram app on your phone
  • Locate any video of your choice which you will like to download
  • Tap on the three dotted sign by the right hand side of the video.
  • Choose to copy link and then exist the page.
  • Go to or simply search on “download instagram videos” to see a list of website to download your videos from.
  • Paste the link, just like you can see on image below.
  • Allow the video to fetch and download as well.
  • Visit your gallery to see your video.

How to Download IGTV Online

  • Open your browser and log on to your account online.
  • Sign in to open your account
  • Go to your instagram television (IGTV)
  • Choose anyone you like and click on watch afterwards
  • Now, click on the the dotted sign beneath the video
  • Choose copy link from the sub-menu
  • Go to and paste your link to download your video.

I hope this guide was helpful? Please share your thought with us on the comment section…