List Of Content Marketing Tools – 10 Online Tools For Content Marketers.

10 Important Content Marketing Tools.

Content Marketing Tools For Content Marketers – Content marketing is one lucrative marketing  business in this era. As lucrative as it is, getting better results while investing lesser time becomes one ultimate target of every content marketer – just as is the case in every other business. And one of such results is getting contents to reach huge audience!

There are plenty of content marketing tools which helps content marketers get their contents to the reach of their audience, and in this article, we have presented to you some of the content marketing tools you may like to consider in your quest for marketing of content.

They help you reach your audience, offers you updates on trending topics as to supply the right contents to your readers and even inspire you with the more contents for the right audience.


Content Marketing Tools

1. Inbound Writer:

Inbound writer is one of the content marketing tools which has helped content marketers to get a clue of what audience and readers want to see, in order words what they want from you.

It helps you reach your audience while understanding and dishing for them what they really want.

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2. Buffer:

Buffer lets you organize your content, but most importantly allows you determine the time you want such content be shared on social media platforms.

This means that with the content marketing tools buffer, you can conveniently schedule time for your contents to be posted on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.


3. Reddit:

With millions of users on Reddit platform who share comments, the platform can be a source of content inspiration (for content marketers) on different topics including trending topics.


4. Twitter:

Twitter is one of the most powerful content marketing tools, it offers you broad insights on variety of topics, on News, Entertainment, Marketing, trending topis.

With the hashtags tool, you can discover trending topics relevant to your field, business or brand which helps you put up contents that meet your audience expectations.


5. MailChimp:

MailChimp is one of the popular email marketing tools that lets you organize your email list subscribers and thus, market to them your content. With the tool, you can track when your email has been sent and read by the recipients.

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6. Toast:

Toast as SEO plugin can help strengthen your website content, causing them to appear on the top list of search engines.



7. Google Keyword Tool:

Google keyword tool is an amazing tool that when utilized in the right way offers you ground to combine the right keywords in your content topic, tittles and content body. The tool shows you the volume of search and frequency of such search for particular keywords; enabling you frame your contents using the right searchable terms.


8. Quora:

Quora is one indispensable tool for content marketers. You can get updates on trending topics and other trending things in the marketing, this goes a long way to give you insights on such contents to publish for your audience and readers.

9. Promoted Facebook Posts:

Facebook is one of the most popular and indispensable tool harnessed by content marketers. Facebook benefits when it comes to content marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized.

With billions of users on Facebook, you can advertise your contents on the platform to reach as many audience as possible, although through a promoted strategy. This is one effective way to get your content to huge audience.

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10. Pulse:

Pulse as a content marketing tools is capable of giving you updates on top business news and headlines. It also lets you personalize the news, and as well select the topics of your interest at any point in time.