Music on Facebook – How To Hack Online Piano Music Master On Facebook Messenger | Facebook Messenger Piano Music Master

Music on Facebook – How To Hack Online Piano Music Master On Facebook Messenger | Facebook Messenger Piano Music Master: Online Piano Music Master game enables you to play any music note you decide to choose. This is one of the games most enjoyed on Facebook.

Steps 1: How to gain extra coins before playing the game

When you log into the game the first thing you are should do before you play the, you will see a pop of a write up which says daily rewards, when you see that.

Below of where they wrote daily rewards, you will see the claim, ensure you click on the word claim that will enable you to gain extra coins before the game start then after that you can start the game.

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Step 2: How to be faster:

After claiming your daily reward, before you press play, ensure you are ready for the note you are to play especially when the note is a fast one, ensure you do a little hand movement to ensure your fingers are strong and not weak to enable a fast movement in your thumbs.

Must at times, when people do play the online piano master game, most people do use one thumb, but to enable your fastness to ensure you use your two thumbs by that, you would become faster in playing the game.

Point 2 about being faster is that you should always concentrate on the game that would keep your mind steady and focus on the game.

Point 3 ensure you make use of a headset. Whenever you make use of a headset, you tend to concentrate more, focus more and, then the inner flow within you would play in and that when you can become faster and ensure the music more.

Moreover, when you are in an environment or place and, your headset is not available you can still play it like that as far as the environment is quiet to enable you to concentrate more and that would help in the ability to be fast but, when the environment is noisy and, you are not with an earpiece you can’t concentrate.

More so, therefore, you cannot be fast. However, whereby you are with a headset and, the place is noisy, the headset would cover up for you.

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Step 3: How to enter into the endless mode

When you have successfully completed the first stage of playlist without failing the game, then you are qualified for the endless mode.

But first of you have to ensure that you play well, move your finger fasted to enable you to carry you on to the endless mode.

When you are in the endless mode, you can keep on playing without the game stopping till you are tired of playing. (isn’t that great)

Step 4: How to ensure you don’t fail

When playing the online piano master game and your finger mistakenly press the space or you forgot to press the next note, or any which way you failed the game, to enable you to continue playing from where you stop.

Immediately you would see a small circle that they wrote watch free ads you click on the watch free ads when you click on it an ad would start showing, don’t exit from that ads till it finishes showing when the ads are showing, there would be a time, timing the ad and that time would display on your screen.

Note, each ad is for 30 sec when the 30 sec is over lookup of your screen you would see a cancel sign then you can click on it, to return you to where you are and from there you can continue playing the game from where you stopped.