OneDrive for Business – How to Login to OneDrive for Business | Onedrive Account Settings

OneDrive for Business – How to Login to OneDrive for Business | Onedrive Account Settings

How can I sign in to OneDrive for business or can’t sign in Microsoft OneDrive for Business? On the contrary, OneDrive for business is actually one of the Microsoft office 365 subscription plans that provide free cloud storage to help backup, store, sync, and also share your work files in the cloud through the use of the OneDrive app. However, the Microsoft cloud storage which is OneDrive for Business provides your business with the unlimited cloud storage to store and back up your files and access them any around the world through the OneDrive for Business login.

Furthermore, the OneDrive login for business is the process of identifying the ownership of OneDrive for business by providing an identification detail that includes your email address and account password. Likewise, you can also use your Skype account to login to OneDrive for business. Keep in mind, only if you’re an admin to the various OneDrive for Business plan you be able to log in to the OneDrive storage file. Also, you can log in to the cloud storage computing system through the OneDrive app or the OneDrive online.

How to Login to OneDrive for Business

Like I mentioned earlier, only admin of the Microsoft office 365 can be able to perform the OneDrive sign in for business. Therefore, another requirement is that you must have purchased and download the Microsoft OneDrive for business on your devices to sign in.

To Login to OneDrive for Business on Windows:

  1. Simply, click the start menu and type the word OneDrive for business.
  2. Then, you can click on it to run as administrator.
  3. Afterward, you can sign in with your Outlook email address or Skype account.

To Sign in OneDrive for Business Online:

  1. Also, go to in other to access the administration page.
  2. Then, sign in with your Outlook email account or use the Skype account.
  3. After providing the login credentials, you can click the Sign In icon.

That’s how you can access the OneDrive admin center and also access your storage file. Also, you can back up your file, share information with colleagues at work. Once you’ve signed in the Microsoft cloud storage platform.

How do I Fix the OneDrive Business Issues?

On the contrary, there are what we call the OneDrive for business login issues. These are issues that might prevent you or stop the authentication of accessing your cloud storage app on the various operating system. We will talk about the issue you can resolve and also where you can access to get more solutions.

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  1. Simply, click on the Windows button and scroll down to select OneDrive.
  2. Sign in to the OneDrive using personal Microsoft email account.
  3. Next, you can send the OneDrive Next Generation sync client to the platform.
  4. Then, Microsoft will help resolve your issues.

However, the solution is actually for people having an issue with installing new sync clients. In other to find more solutions to other related issues, you can visit the Microsoft Help Center.