Smule Account Sign Up – Log in Smule – How to Log In on Smule for Free

Most people feel that getting a Login on Smule is hard, but the process is actually easy and fast to do.

There are different methods you can use when getting a login on the platform. If you don’t know how to login or get a login on Smule, then read on.

Does smule make you sound better

The app will force you to start thinking about your recording environment and how your voice sounds in a microphone. You’ll learn to control your voice much better as well! Though it may not be marketed in such a way, SMULE is a solid vocal training tool!

Log in Smule

Log in Smule is actually your access to the platform, with it, you can join duets, sing-along in a group, make your own music videos, and many others.

The process is easy and one of the reasons I love Sing or Smule is that the platform is free. This means you don’t have to get to start using it.

However, just like many other platforms, you can decide to get a VIP or forever use the free version which is equally great. You can access Smule online or with the Smule app that is also free to get.

As I mentioned, there are different methods you can use to log Smule. Now, let’s dive into the part you’ve been waiting for.

Smule Account

To get a Smule account, you need to login which s I said is easy and very fast to do. There are different methods of logging into Smule and here are the methods you can use;

  • Log in with Facebook.
  • Sign in with Google.
  • Sign in with Email.
  • Sign in with Phone.

In other words, you can use any of the above methods to get a Smule account login for free.

Smule Phone Number

To get an account with Smule using a phone number, follow below;

  • Open the web browser and go to or open the app on your device.
  • Once the page is loaded, select “Login > Sign in with Phone”
  • Enter an active phone number and hit on Next.
  • A code will be sent to your number for verification, input it on the text field shown.
  • Then click on “Verify”.
  • Choose your birthday and hit next.
  • Create a username and select “Done” to commence the process.

There you go, your Smule account is ready for use.

Smule Login with Facebook

Login with Facebook is actually one of the simplest methods to use. To do so, follow below;

  • Use guide one of the above instructions.
  • Select log in with Facebook.
  • On the next page, you will be redirected to, provide your Facebook login details; email or phone number, and password.
  • Then select login.

Just like that, Smule will be able to access your account and the details will be used to set up your Smule account.

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Sign in with Google

Signing in with Google is quite similar to using a phone number. To get signed in, follow the guides below;

  • Once you’re on the login page, select “Sign in with Google”.
  • Then choose a Google account to continue to Smule.
  • Choose your birthday and hit next.

There you go, the Smule account is ready for use, but first, verify it. An email will be sent for verification. Open the mail and click on “Verify Your Account Now” to commence the process.

Sign in with Email

Sign in with Email is the same process as signing in with Gmail. So, you can use the steps above to get into your Smule account. With the steps mentioned above, you can now get Smule log in easily.

Can you sing smule on computer?

Short answer: no! The Sing! app is available for the two major mobile operation systems: iOS and Android. There are no versions for desktop operating systems like Windows, MacOS, Linux or other mobile platforms like Kindle or Windows Phone
Who is the owner of Smule?
Jeff Smith
Type Privately held company
Founders Jeff Smith and Ge Wang
Headquarters San Francisco, California , U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jeff Smith (CEO and co-founder) Ge Wang (co-founder, past CTO and Chief Creative Officer)

Is smule paid app?

In addition to its 50 million monthly active users, Smule has 2 million people who pay a $20-a-month or $99-a-year membership to unlock popular songs.