University of Canterbury Scholarship Form | Application Form

University of Canterbury Scholarship Form | Application Form

The University of Canterbury has scholarships available for international students who are: currently studying at secondary level in New Zealand planning on studying any undergraduate degree at UC but are still overseas. planning on studying any postgraduate degree at UC but are still overseas.

Students make out time access universities and scholarships that will work for them. Now that you are on this page, it will be perfect for you to know that this scholarship issues its beneficiaries into a different method of education. This is the time to access an education tourism in another atmosphere. We don’t accept application from graduates and for postgraduates. Our scholarship mostly and wholly to undergraduates, that’s why we use University of Canterbury Scholarship Form to apply.

In other words, New Zealand and Australia are exempted once this scholarship is involved. That is to say, other countries can apply after their requirements are met exactly as required. But the most important requirement from any applicant is that, you must receive a course offer from the institution itself before applying for the scholarship. This is the basic factor of determining eligibility. Therefore, apply to University of Canterbury first before making attempt on the scholarship.

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UC Scholarship Review

University of Canterbury permits students wholeheartedly after strict measures of selection are taken. Over 10 awards are offered to these international beneficiaries. Of course citizens of New Zealand and Australia are not welcomed, same with residents of New Zealand and Australia. The aimed motive of the scholarship is to support the helpless and the less supported, wishing to advance with a higher institution learning but are currently unable due to one problem or the other; especially finance related.

So,if you are currently undergoing trauma when it comes to furtherance in your field of study, basically an undergraduate pursuit, this scholarship calls. Proceed to the portal and apply! Its an online application, no paperwork is needed here. Everything goes electronically, including demanded documents. They will be scanned for upload.

Qualified Countries

We’ve informed you that every nation is perfected through this scholarship but once you are an Australia or New Zealand citizen, you are prohibited for application. This grant is an endorsed grant for international students aiming for learning at University of Canterbury.

Scholarship Award

The scholarship award swings between $10,000 and $20,000. The process seems irregular annually as not same grant is offered per year. But just have in mind that the continuity of satisfactory academic grades and steadfastness in your program determines amount to receive. Ensure that the application policies are met so that your application will be considered. Compliance is the key to success of this scholarship application

Level of Learning

We certify worthy students, especially intelligent students with First cycle degree which is the Bachelor’s Degree. So, all the students finally shortlisted will be announced individually while ones that didn’t receive an alert won’t further with our scholarship. After program, successful scholars will be certified with a Bachelors Degree.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Do not apply later than 12th April because application seize to open at that moment or season
  • Apply to University of Canterbury to gain an admission first before applying for a scholarship
  • Any student attempting this scholarship must be a high school finalist with intent to attain an undergraduate program.
  • Your application is apparently complete when other documents required with the application comes along with the application form
  • Apply Online. At this juncture, bear in mind that no application fee is required
  • Multiple applications are automatically prohibited
  • An offer received from the university must be at your study field and same field will be entered during scholarship application for easy identification.

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Application Method

Application is done online. For that reason, we’ve decided to show you University of Canterbury Scholarship Form so that you can be able to download the form and apply for the scholarship

University of Canterbury Scholarship Form

The scholarship portal is accessible with your Student ID. You will be demanded to login the portal with your UC student ID and any student without an admission offer will not have a functional ID. So, this is how it goes:

  • Open your web browser and login directly to
  • When the page is opened, login with your email address and password affiliated with your account in UC as a student
  • From here, locate the application form to start-up your UC scholarship for undergraduates.

How was it? Do you still have more to ask as regards this scholarship grants, requirements, fees, eligibility criteria, recognized countries and rest of them? Use the comment box below to unleash your questions.



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