Waptrick Music Download – Free Mp3 Music on www.waptrick.com

Do you know about Waptrick music Download? Waptrick is a very popular site, this site gives you literally anything to download for free on your PC and android phones. On the site, you can get games, images, themes, wallpapers, music, and a lot more, all for free.

The best part of this site is that it has a very simple interface, this makes it quite easy for users to navigate the site.

Waptrick Music Download

In this post, of all the things you can get on the site, it is the music aspect we will be focusing on.

Waptrick gives you the hottest and latest music, new generation, and old school music from all genres on music.

This is not all, the site also gives you different qualities and formats of music to download for free.

Waptrick Music Categories | Genre

Below is a list of all the music genres and categories on the site.

Nigeria Special

  • Nigerian.
  • Zimbabwe.
  • Kenya Rumba.
  • Ghana Popular.
  • South Africa Gospel.
  • Kenya Jazz.
  • South Africa Kwaito.
  • Kenya Hip-hop.
  • South Africa Pop.
  • South Africa House.
  • Kenya Reggae.
  • Kenya Local.
  • South Africa Rock.
  • Kenya Jamz.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Zambia.
  • Mozambique.
  • Kenya Bongo.
  • Tanzania.
  • South Africa Traditional.
  • South Africa Jazz.
  • Angola.
  • South Africa Afrikaans.
  • South Africa Mandela.
  • Uganda.
  • Congo.
  • South Africa Hip Hop.
  • Kenya Gospel.
  • Kenya RnB.
  • Cameroon.
  • Kenya Genge.

Popular Music

  • RnB.
  • Rap / HipHop.
  • Reggae.

Rock/Metal Music

  • Rock Music.
  • Heavy Metal Music.
  • Country.

Electronic Music

  • Electronic Dance.
  • Remix.
  • Deep House.
  • Techno.


  • Classical.
  • Jazz Blues.
  • A Capella.
  • Alternative.

Ethnic World Music

  • Balkans.
  • Indie.
  • National Anthems.
  • Bollywood.
  • Christmas.
  • International.


  • 90s.
  • 80s.
  • 70s.

TV/Movies Songs

  • Love songs.
  • Movies.
  • TV Series.
  • Eurovision.
  • Games Musics.

These are all the music categories and genres available on waptrick, when browsing to download waptrick music by genre or category, these are the ones you will find on the site.

Download Waptrick Music

Earlier we said that Waptrick has a very simple interface and this makes it so easy to navigate through the site. With this, it is obvious that downloading music will give you no trouble. The steps below will guide you on downloading your favorite music from the site.

  • Firstly, make sure that you are connected to an active internet.
  • Now visit the Waptrick Music Page.
  • From the list of categories, select the category of the song you want to download.
  • Find the song you wish to download and tap on it. Alternatively, you can make use of the search bar to search for the song.
  • Different qualities will be listed on the next page, choose your choice.
  • Finally, click on download.

Your music will start downloading and it will be stored on your device’s default download folder.