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Whatsapp Marketing – How to Use Whatsapp For Marketing – Whatsapp Marketing for Business| Whatsapp Marketing Group: Whatsapp is a messenger app which helps individuals all over the world connect with each other using their mobile phone number.

Advantage of using WhatsApp

Using this app is very cheap because all it takes bandwidth. If you look through all messenger apps, you will discover that Whatsapp has been identified as the cheapest, most flexible and most used. As a business person I know you want more for less and this is what Whatsapp bring for marketers.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

  1. Define your goals and KPIs.
  2. Pin down your target audience.
  3. Get the business app.
  4. Create a brand persona.
  5. Build a contact list.
  6. Design your communication.
  7. Deliver great customer service.

Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. In 2020,

For instance, there are 340 million monthly WhatsApp users in India and almost 100 million in Brazil. However, the platform is also an excellent choice for promotions in the US market – 68 million Americans access WhatsApp at least once a month.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to stay in touch with your customers – more than half of WhatsApp users check the app every day. Better yet, you can be sure they will get your offers, as text messages have a 98% open rate.

The last point is that your customers love this communication channel. They trust brands with chat apps more – 53% of people say they would buy from companies they can reach via chat.

However, there are more reasons to implement WhatsApp in your marketing strategy. Read on to learn a few more benefits of this marketing channel.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business

  • Profound relationships with customers
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Better sales
  • Lower cost of marketing

Using messengers is a golden opportunity to improve your marketing strategy. There are four positive outcomes of using WhatsApp for your business promotion.

Profound relationships with customers

Over 55% of people feel more connected to a brand if they use messaging apps. It makes WhatsApp marketing a bulletproof strategy for building long profound relationships with customers. Maintaining such a connection, in turn, helps brands cut expenditures as customer retention is 5-25 times cheaper than acquisition.

Out of the box, WhatsApp provides business with a robust set of opportunities for personalization. For instance, you can send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday congratulations, and so on. Such an approach keeps customers more engaged with a brand – over 70% of consumers say they engage only with personalized marketing messages.

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Higher conversion rate

Choosing a perfect channel for your initial contact with customers is crucial. People may get disgruntled with phone calls while staying inaccessible through email or social media.

Here is where WhatsApp comes in handy to nudge your prospects towards the purchase. Businesses say that customers answered 40% of their WhatsApp messages.

Better yet, messaging drives conversions. Namely, messaging after initial contact with a prospect can increase the conversion rate by 112.6%.

However, WhatsApp marketing is not the only way to boost your conversions. If you want to learn some more tricks, follow our comprehensive guide on conversion rate optimization.

Better sales

WhatsApp marketing works as a sort of magic wand for your sales. The simple trick of adding a WhatsApp phone number on your website may result in a 27% more sales leads.

It seems like the opportunity to reach a brand through any messaging app alone instills confidence in potential customers. At least 66% feel more optimistic about purchasing from a company if it is active on messengers.

Better yet, you can consider WhatsApp a stand-alone sales channel for your business. It’s possible with the growing tendency for people to buy through messaging apps. Roughly 60% of consumers believe they will use messengers more to make purchases in the future.

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Lower cost of marketing

WhatsApp is still a very affordable marketing channel, which makes this platform enticing for small businesses. All you need to get the ball rolling is to install an app and connect to the Internet.

Meanwhile, the chances that your message will reach the customer are sky high. On average, a user checks WhatsApp over 23 times a day.

WhatsApp marketing drives more conversions, improves sales, allows you to build deep quality relationships with customers, and costs next to nothing in terms of marketing expenditures. Read further to learn how to build a WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Whatsapp Marketing for Business

Using this app for your business is very strategic and you can find Whatsapp Marketing for Business in two ways which are:

  • Searching for them on Facebook using the Facebook search bar
  • Joining them directly on Whatsapp as group admins add you up

If people have your contact, they can add you to groups. You can also decide to start up your marketing group where you add your friends, family members and other people who may be interested in what you are marketing.

Whatsapp Marketing Strategizes

Whatsapp gives you the opportunity to relate with your audience one on one and show them what you have for them. Whatsapp allows users share media randomly and pass information for all their contacts to see.

Whatsapp has several means to pass information. With the introduction of things like the Whatsapp statues where people can add;

  • Links
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Write Ups etc.

You can take advantage of the above to market your brand or products. As long as you can have the mobile phone numbers of your targeted audience, you can reach them with ease by creating a group. Lots of people are growing their business from this and I believe you can too.

If you don’t want to create your own group, you can search for marketing groups on Facebook by searching “Whatsapp Marketing Groups”.

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How to Create a Whatsapp Marketing Group

  • Get to your Chats Tab
  • Click Menu
  • Click New Group
  • Add contacts (people) to the group
  • Click the Green Arrow
  • Add a Group Subject (Title of your group)
  • Finally, check the green mark

You can link your WhatsApp page to a PC through the mobile device by simply clinking on this Link