How to Set Instagram Dark Mode – Instagram Dark Mode Android – Get Instagram Dark Mode on Your Android

How to Set Instagram Dark Mode – Instagram Dark Mode Android – Get Instagram Dark Mode on Your Android

The Instagram dark mode is a great feature that helps to adjust the colors on your screen for a darker appearance. It provides an alternative color scheme that replaces the white interface of Instagram with shades of gray and black.

Instagram Dark Mode Android helps to increase the battery life of your device, mostly if you’re a heavy user. The dark mode is like trending and a lot of users are making use of it, however, if you’ve clicked on this post to learn how to enable the feature, then read on. Let’s dive in without wasting much of your time.

Here are Five benefits of Instagram that you might not know:

    1. More Businesses & Consumers Are Joining Every Day. …
    2. Easy to Target (and Retarget) Your Audience. …
    3. Use All the Visual Marketing Features on Instagram. …
    4. Engage With Customers Where They Spend Their Time. …
    5. Build Up User-Generated Content.

Instagram Dark Mode Android

Dark mode on Instagram helps to reduce eye strain, particularly at night which is due to the reduced glare. According to; “As head of Instagram Adam Mosseri revealed when it launched in October 2019, you need to be running the latest version of the mobile operating system that is Android 10 or iOS 13 to enjoy the dark tones”.

So that means, you need to the using the latest system update for your Android device to use the dark mode feature on Instagram. Enabling the dark mode feature is very easy and fast to do. However, you need to have the Instagram app downloaded and installed on your Android device.

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Can people tell if you look at their Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who views their profile. So if you look through someone’s profile and don’t like or comment on a post, there’s no way for them to know who sees the pictures

Instagram App

As I mentioned above, you need to download and install the Instagram app into your Android device. The app brings you closer to the people and things that you love. Use it to connect with friends, and share what you’re up to with friends.

Here are some of the things that you can do with the app downloaded and installed on your device;

  • Add photos and videos to your INSTA story and it will disappear after 24 hours.
  • Message friends in Direct.
  • Upload or post videos and photos to your feed that you’d like to show on your account for people to see and interact with.
  • Check out IGTV for nice videos from favorite creators.

There’s so much you can do with the app installed into your Android device. So let’s download the app.

How to Download Instagram App on Android

To download Instagram into your Android device, follow the guides below;

  • Open Google Play Store and type in Instagram.
  • Tap on the first result to load the Instagram information page.
  • Then tap on “Install”.

It will be downloaded and installed into your device for your use. Sign in to your account.

Eight (8) tips that will make you a master of Instagram
  1. Get to grips with the editing tools. …
  2. Try some other apps that work with Instagram. …
  3. Don’t forget Instagram’s own apps. …
  4. Use hashtags to reach more people. …
  5. Start using stories. …
  6. Make your posts stickier with stickers. …
  7. Broadcast live video to the world. …
  8. Use a proper camera.

How to Instagram Dark Mode for Android

The process is simple and fast to do. Enabling Instagram dark mode for Android can be done from your device settings. However, have in mind you’ll need to update your device’s operating system to the latest update.

You can enable the dark mode feature from your Android device settings or from your Instagram account settings. So let’s dive in;

Turn on Dark Theme;

  • Open your device’s setting app.
  • Then tap on “Accessibility”.
  • And under “Display”, turn on “Dark Theme”.

Once this is done, you may see Dark Mode activated on several apps, not just Instagram.

Turn On From Instagram;

  • Tap on your profile picture to go to your profile.
  • Then tap on the horizontal icons there.
  • Tap on “Settings” and then “Theme”.
  • Then select “Dark”.


Instagram is an entirely visual platform. Unlike Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures, or Twitter, which relies on text alone, Instagram’s sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience.
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