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How to Upload Videos on TikTok: Tiktok is not just an ordinary video-making app but a home for all adventure lovers, whether you are brushing your teeth, driving, or studying; simply make a short video of yourself and watch the world celebrate you. Now join, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Ltik-toMercy BB NAIA and other top celebrities to embark on the tik to challenge.

How dot Work?

Create a video, use effects and music to make your own awesome videos, and Capture every moment to share with the world. The impact and effects of this application are so amazing.

Already, there are above hundred stickers to help fortify your videos, meanwhile, add music, and life-moving-fast icons to make your video look lively

If you don’t want to share videos, you can watch the ones your friends have unloaded and see how fascinating and creative they are.

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Here is how to upload videos on TikTok

  • Launch TikTok app on your device
  • Click on the plus sign to add a videos
  • The video recording icon is on now, so capture your moments and upload fast.
  • More so, if you have already recorded the video with your mobile device video camera, you can simply click on the plus sign and then choose to upload a video
  • Select the video of choice and click to submit.

How to Upload a Video on Tik Tok with Mobile

As a person who uses a smartphone or iOS mobile phone, you up+

Mobile phone users can upload a video on TikTok but will have to choose the option.  For those that have a smartphone of different models. You can add videos to your TikTok account. The steps above summarise all the procedures you need to upload a video on TikTok, simply follow the steps shown above.